a collection of textile stories

At ARNE AKSEL, we encourage an unwillingness to compromise with intuition and aim at creating flamboyant spaces that embody censorial joy. In our journal, we have gathered some of our favourite textile stories, and we hope that in some of them, you will find something that sparks your imagination and a desire to have more colour in your life.

At ARNE AKSEL we love to make a statement. Through amazing collaborations, we have had the honor of complementing art exhibitions, fashion shows, musical performances, and events with our textile design. In these contexts, our curtains have been used to articulate abstract messages of censorial joy and curiosity, in a poetic and contemporary way. 

When designing textile solutions for your retail space, we maintain careful attention to the small - but crucial - details. Whether it is dressing room curtains that create privacy, decorative wall rugs that complement your products, or room dividers that curate intimate shopping experiences, our textiles manifest a fulfilling shopping experience that leaves your customers hungry for more.

Home is the stage where memorable experiences take place. From hosting ravishing dinner parties to enjoying a quiet evening alone with a good book. We believe home-textiles are the perfect backdrop for creating a scene, and in this section of our journal, we have gathered some examples of homes that have done that flawlessly.