Creating balance between functional requirements and the historical premises

Marienborg is a historic castle located north of Copenhagen. Today the building is being used as the official residence of the Danish Prime Minister and as a showroom for contemporary talents within Danish design and art.  

In 2019 Marienborg was granted funds for a complete internal refurbishment. The Danish Arts Foundation gave this task to the emerging design brothers Mathias- and Nikolaj Lorenz Metze. The brothers made it their mission to involve other emerging talents to create site-specific solutions for one of Denmark's most important homes.

For Marienborg, we sought to balance the functional requirements needed for comfortable living with the historical premises we were operating within. We wanted to create a poetic space with emotional reflections of its heritage in a modern way.

By centering our curtains between the windows and hanging them directly from the stucco, we elevated the feeling of height in the space and created an ambient expression. The color scale of the curtains challenged the established palette and incited inspiration, reflection, and maybe even debate.

We believe that we managed to create a solution that echoed the emotions traced through Marienborg, with the breathtaking architecture of the 1800th century.