Collaborating with renowned design and art studio TABLEAU or intention was to investigate and challenge the way individuals interact with an object that exists in the crossroad of art and design.

Through a series of wall pieces, created with industrial steel and colored satin, we challenged the usual way of interacting with our two distinct visual universes.

Merging rough edges and steel frames with flowers and textile, ARNE AKSEL’s textile expertise and TABLEU’s double faceted floral and brutalist world resonated with their receivers and created a unique spatial experience.

“Collaborating with ARNE AKSEL allowed us to work with new material and to express TABLEUS’s identity differently. This collaboration is a contemporary yet unusual approach to how printed textiles can be displayed on walls. Steel and flowers being at the heart of our DNA, and textiles at ARNE AKSEL’s, we felt that something out of the ordinary could result from our collaboration, and we were right”


“Fusing the universes of textile and flowers is in many ways an obvious move. It has been used over and over again in the history of fashion and design. Our common approach at TABLEAU and ARNE AKSEL is to place the characteristics of our crafts into new contexts while still endorsing the core nature of the textile and floral expression, which is a guilty pleasure combination we all love in a new way”.