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arne aksel

At ARNE AKSEL, we aim to inspire through extraordinary textile experiences. We believe that the immediate materiality of fabrics is a catalyst of aesthetic emotional experiences, and in 2017 we made it our mission to share these experiences with the world.

By tailoring each solution to the needs and surroundings of a given project, we succeed in creating rooms with instant appeal and spatial well-being. We encourage an unwillingness to compromise with intuition, creating flamboyant spaces that embody a sense of calmness and censorial joy.

Our mission is to make your daily spaces richer through 'atmosphere in fabrics'.


We believe that textiles are more than just material. It holds the ability to manifest and impersonate our personal aesthetic. A piece of fabric can be experienced as something living and emulating of character. Rebellious or curious, timid or flirtatious, quirky or bold, or just outright expressive, ARNE AKSEL has the curtain that suits your personality.

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Your curtains are sewn, on the ledge of Copenhagen's harbour, through the dedicated work of our extraordinary tailors, whose skills are an essential part of ARNE AKSEL's DNA.

We source materials from suppliers following the highest quality requirements. If possible, we use recycled materials, and as a company, we are aware of the environmental impact the textile industry has on the world. Because of this, we are dedicated to maintaining the production of high-quality products that will last a lifetime, making sure that our effects on this world are beyond mere aesthetics.