Established in 2017, ARNE AKSEL is a Copenhagen-based company

that is founded with the intent of challenging and evolving the way we surround ourselves with textiles today. 


Rooted in years of experience in textiles, ARNE AKSEL is created as means of placing textile materiality

into the context of our daily lives, acting as catalysts of aesthetic emotion and multifaceted function

and showing how textile, loud as humble, can make the spaces we inhabit feel more like their intended function: 

A relaxing home, an inspiring office or a vibrant restaurant.


By placing textiles at the center stage in residential and professional projects,

the ideal is for textiles to serve as a means of spatial expression while enhancing

the experiences of light, acoustics and tactility to shape the atmosphere of a space.


Taking a custom approach to interiors, ARNE AKSEL tailors each solution to the exact needs and surroundings of the given project that, combined with an innovative outlook on materiality, creates atmospheres of instant appeal,  

spatial well-being and refined experimentation. 


ARNE AKSEL provides textile solutions for residential projects, offices, restaurants, hospitality and retail.


Textiles are more than just a material.

To us, they’re catalysts of aesthetic emotion and actors of multifaceted function.

Our approach is rooted in a humble rebellion against ‘petty bourgeoise’,

the desire for a refined and experimental extravaganza

and a devotion to master the unpredictable traits of materials.

Steeped in an insistent belief that people should be given the opportunities that serve them best,

we bring a curious and nosey approach to the part that textiles can play in our lives, homes and hearts. 


In turn, using textiles multifunctionally as means of defying conventional notions of interior elements allows us to present what we believe to be the essence of home textiles: to amaze, to complement and to transcend their unique and elegant character into your space. 




Solitudevej 4, 2200 Copenhagen
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