Dorte Mandrup

In 2017, globally renowned architect firm Dorthe Mandrup decided to give their meeting rooms a welcome touch-up.

Dorte Mandrup intended to provide a space for their employees, clients, and customers that prompted innovative thinking and great collaboration.

We started by investigating their office spaces, located in an old warehouse, filled with glass and concrete. Our goal was to provide textile additions that would improve the spatial well-being and grant the room a gentile visual expression. Because of Dorthe Mandrup's fascination and inspiration of the iconic designer Jean Prouvé, we opted for a color scheme extracted from his old drawings.

By the window parties, we choose ROCKET curtains to break up rays of sun through its mesh-like texture. By the internal glass wall parties, we installed WOOLY.

The felty surface of WOOLY immediately improved the acoustic qualities and created gentle pockets of privacy much needed in the open, glass, and concrete space. Together they made a visual expression that met Dorthe Mandrup's needs and created an office space that will continue to produce some of Scandinavia's most inspiring architecture.