When the Danish Safety Technology Authority decided to redesign their interior working environment, their choice fell upon renowned design and architecture studio Spacon to assist them.

Spacon and X had a vision of creating four distinct visual divisions between the departments working in SDTA. The visions fundament was created by building divisive walls in natural plywood. Then, came the addition of steel and fluted glass constructions, that would become the future meeting rooms, and created intriguing pathways on the floors indicating different routes throughout the departments.

But still, they had not succeeded in their original vision of creating a distinct visual expression of the different departments. That is where ARNE AKSEL came in. They decided to give each department an individual color scheme, red, blue, yellow, and green, inspired by safety terminology.

We assisted the architects by providing a wide array of textile solutions. These curtains served multiple practical functions, like screening sunlight, improving acoustics, and creating privacy. In the end, we created four distinct spatial identities that logically com.