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Choosing Textiles can be tricky



20 DKK

Instead of obscuring natural light, AIR takes the rays of sunny days and transforms them into an even magical glow. Whilst maintaining privacy, you can watch how the daylight shifts through the lens of the fabric, and marvel in the intimacy your home gets, bathed in muffled light.

Air Fabric



20 DKK

ZULU is iridescent like a seashell nacre and comes alive when stroked by light. Through its twists and turns its materiality casts of vibrant and surprising colors, intensifying when draped, and softened when stretched over the landscape of a window.

Zulu Fabric



20 DKK

By incorporating the shimmery materiality of satin and the elegant weight of royal textiles, TIBER is ARNE AKSEL’s most glamorous curtain. Still emulating emotional sensibility, TIBER nods to the vibrant disco scene of the 70ies and adds a playful feel to any space.

Tiber Fabric



20 DKK

Raw and natural, TWO-TONE is Arne Aksel's alternative to traditional linen. Woven with complementing colors, TWO-TONE possesses a lively expression that becomes more muted the further away one stands, creating the perfect focal point for weary eyes.

Two-Tone Fabric



20 DKK

WOOLY is versatile and rich. Heavy and soft. Quite and natural. Made from upcycled full-cloth textiles, the materiality of WOOLY obtains a smooth and directionless nature, granting a calm and comforting ambiance to its spaces.

Wooly Fabric



20 DKK

Gently tracing the indents of CORDA with your fingers and allowing them to follow its subtle direction, you feel the nostalgic sensibility of childhood years. CORDA’s vertical lines enhance the height of any room, creating a muted and encompassing sensation.

Corda Fabric


Late Night

20 DKK

Lavish and extravagant, WHISPER embodies everything that we love about fabrics. Smooth and shiny, this modern interpretation of velour reflects light once illuminated, adding an understated palatial feeling to any room.

Heaven's Gate Fabric


150 DKK

A laser measuring tool to get your home’s unique measurements.

Corda Fabric


Remember to add a laser measuring tool, to get your home’s unique measurements, when ordering your fabric samples.

150 DKK