Creating a visual office experience with WOOLY

After having transformed an old industrial building into a mezzanine accentuated office space, Ejendomsvisioner A/S came to us with the wish of creating a coherent visual experience and an office that would suit their desire for a serious and focused environment.

The biggest challenge with this project was to create an aesthetic correlation throughout the open floorplan while also creating room for individual focus in the intentionally airy space.  

Our instinctive choice was to install bright WOOLY curtains that would both create the sensation of a room inside of a room, as well as improving acoustics. We believed that the felty qualities of WOOLY would complement the rustic and industrial atmosphere in the office space with a gentler and softer expression.

To create a sense of privacy, we decided on a classic drape of our TIME textile, accompanied by HEAVENS GATE by the large window parties and walls. This combination created a feeling of luxury and a classic expression that imbued the sentiment of seriousness fitting a traditional workspace.