Finn Juhl's Cottage

Recreating Finn Juhl's Cottage with AIR

Thirtytwo years after his death, there is little doubt that one of the true visionaries in Danish design history is architect Finn Juhl. One of the most beloved artifacts he has left behind is his cabin, currently owned and operated by art historian and Finn Juhl expert, Birgit Lyngby.

When you walk through the cottage Finn Juhl drew in the early 1960ies, one is immediately struck by the sheer perfection of his attention-to-detail approach has created spaciously. It is a humbling and incredibly elegant space. To Juhl, even the smallest details could make the most impactful of statements.

In 2018, Lyngby had a vision of recreating the cabin in line with the ideas, throughs, and wishes of Finn Juhl and reached out to ARNE AKSEL to design the curtains for the cottage.

Though none of Juhl’s original drawings for cabin mentioned curtains, it became evident throughout literature that Juhl gravitated heavily towards tactile expression and how materiality can bring tranquility and sensuality into space.

For the cottage, Lyngby and ARNE AKSEL worked with AIR, that through their inherent elegance and seemingly weightless expression, wonderfully complemented the interiors of Juhl. The results were an astonishing addition to the original vision of Finn Juhl, an homage we are proud to have played a part in.