Veronica D´Souza - How can we design for inclusion?

Together with Veronica D’Souza we  invited  an open TALK, where she shared her life experiences, enchanting personality and wisdom of design and inclusion. The audience had an intimate insight to her pioneering view of business and a way of being in the world. They left with inspiration and courage for a better tomorrow.  

Veronica is an idealist, she’s spontaneous and passionate about helping others. With a background in Social Entrepreneurship from INSEAD Singapore, an education in Business, Language and Culture and then International Business and Politics from CBS, and a specialization in Sustainable Business Operations and Strategies from Columbia Business School, she is well dressed to face the world and the needs she aims to overcome. Veronica is fierce, she has gumption and a contagious natural joy of life – which we at ARNE AKSEL, of course love and appreciate. Veronica D’Souza is also CEO and founder of CARCEL and co-founder of Ruby Cup.