ARNE AKSEL is always happy to serve an artistic background experience for any occasion. We believe that our vision can add an illuminating setting to any space and event. Now, we would love to present the story of GUBI going to Al Fresco. An event, by the beloved Danish furniture brand, showcasing their gorgeous new designs, while setting a blue atmosphere with the help of our curtains.

In 2021, due to COVID, GUBI has decided to take advantage of the online universe, and launch their new collection via their digital platforms. This strategy turned out to be a success, thus they chose to take the digital direction in 2022 as well. 

In order to make their new collection’s background scene more captivating, they have asked ARNE AKSEL to contribute to the physical setting. GUBI’s Al Fresco collection is inspired by nature based tones both in the textiles and the color scheme. While the alluring furniture pieces reached a more moderate effect, we wanted to bring some colors to the setting.

When we have learnt that GUBI is moving towards a more blue brand identity, Arne, the man behind our brand, has suggested three different blue shades to embellish the space. With the different tones we aimed to give the exhibition some depth and to let the furniture get lost in a labyrinth of curtains. Our ARNE AKSEL AIR textiles were fitted in different angles to divide the space and reach mystery, when the displayed items are seen through our dreamy textiles first.