Royal Copenhagen Flagship Store

In the heart of Denmark's capital lies a three-story Renaissance building, home to Royal Copenhagen flagship store.

Having set the goal of driving more traffic through these historical doors and up to their first and second floor, boasting their shop and showroom, Royal Copenhagen invited ARNE AKSEL to create a statement installation around their staircase.

We love when we get creative freedom, and the result of our brainstorm was the installation suitably named the Cathedral of Fabric.

To create the Cathedral, we decided on 14 vast sheets of our Casita fabric, in the dark shade of blue synonymous with Royal Copenhagen, installed on a costume scaffold reaching over 15 meters tall.

The result was a never-seen-before experience pleasing to both tactility and aesthetics, mirroring the classic designs of Royal Copenhagen,  installed in just a day, allowing the flagship store to run its business as usual.