Curtain price per meter 1.380 DKK

Standard installations: 5-8 weeks

Post velvet modernism. Incarnating the essence of a luxury hotel, the texture of UNFORGETTABLE wakes up your senses, and her dominant weight makes the fabric slip out of your fingers in a teasing manner.

This fabric is an amazon and sensual presence, wonderfully paired with the breezy companionship of our shyest curtain; AIR. This surprising couple works harmoniously in both materiality and function. Whilst UNFORGETTABLE dims sun rays in her lighter tones or creates a toned-down lightscape like a jazz bar when she is allowed to be darker, AIR adds a pop of color and a playful dance behind UNFORGETTABLE's ever calm presence. Fabric from: JAB. Composition: 100% PL. Produced in China.

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