Curtain price per meter 600 DKK

Standard installations: 5-8 weeks

We think of TIBER as depression remedy. When matching the colors of your ceilings, walls, or floors, TIBER connects surfaces tastefully, and satisfyingly integrates a calm glamour in the context of your home.

Whilst being able to express a variety of emotions in every context, TIBER remains the life of the party. Calm and understated during the daytime, she becomes vibrant and energetic during the night, reflecting candlelights and rays from your chandelier. When used in a dining room TIBER reminds you of a luxurious restaurant. In a children's room, it elevates the sense of playful curiosity and comfort. And hanging behind the couch she calmly invites you to take a much-needed break. Fabric from: DESIGNERS GUILD. Composition: 60% CO / 40% PL. Produced in India.

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