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Being at once translucent, romantic and light as a windy breeze, 

the AIR curtain is what we like to call our guilty pleasure;

something that we’re all suckers for — a seemingly weightless curtain, blowing effortlessly in the wind of an open window.


It’s about the intuitive attraction that we feel towards the emotional sentiment of a material.


Step-by-Step guide

*Additional cost will apply for delivery outside Copenhagen Metropolitan Area

1. Choose colour


2. Do the measurement

  WIDTH (Horizontal)

At ARNE AKSEL we recommend that you measure out the entire exterior wall on which you 'fancy' your curtain.

This will allow you/us to get the proportions right. Our rule-of-thumb is that a curtain should be 1,5 - 2 times as wide as the wall you wish to "cover".


  HEIGHT (Vertical)

Measure out the height of the room in respect to the placement of the curtain rail.

At ARNE AKSEL we always recommend to place the rail in the ceiling. This will ensure that elegance you are looking for.

3. Choose finish


ARNE AKSEL curtains comes with two different finishes; floored and floating.

We use the room height to calculate the the length of the curtain by adding or subtracting centimeters based on the finish you choose.

  FLOORED (recomended)

We recommend floored curtains to keep the atmospherical aesthetic of the fabric.


Floating curtains tends to create at straighter look, however is only guaranteed to float between 1-4 cm, due to precision- and fabric margins.



4. Place your order request


Place your order after taking consideration to the previous steps - we will receive and process your request asap.


5. We'll get in touch before we confirm

We'll be in touch, to eliminate any doubt or mistake in the final order - and answer to any comments made.

This way hope to give you optimal service, experience and ARNE AKSEL atmosphere.


6. Within 2 weeks we'll deliver & install your curtain(s)

One or two highly-skilled ARNE AKSEL employees ensure that fitting goes smoothly with the most attentive care placed to detail.

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