Brønnum Cocktail Bar is housed in a historical listed building in Copenhagen that recently underwent full renovation.

Through deep attention to details, owner Rasmus Shepherd Lomborg sought to initiate the senses of his guests across tastes, smells, tactility and aesthetics. ARNE AKSEL was brought onboard for the project, guiding them through the various solutions available as well as

suitable to their spatial needs.

With six rooms en suite along with a separate private dining space, color matching became a focal element. Here, all rooms facing the street headed in a bright direction through its curtains with the spatial design, and its textiles, becoming inherently darker as well as warmer when moving further towards the bar. 


For Brønnum Cocktail Bar, our Ritz curtains not only elevate the spatial expression of each room but alsoserve purposes of function—as room dividers, added privacy throughout the rooms as well as acoustic purposes.

Solitudevej 4, 2200 Copenhagen
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